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Ingeborg Bachmannová

Datum narození: 25. červen 1926
Datum úmrtí: 17. říjen 1973

Ingeborg Bachmannová byla rakouská spisovatelka, jedna z nejvýznamnějších lyriček a prozaiček německého jazyka po 2. světové válce.

Citáty Ingeborg Bachmannová

„Otevřenost není nic jiného než naprosté neporozumění. V zásadě je každý sám se svými nepřenosnými pocity a myšlenkami.“

„I am writing with my burnt hand about the nature of fire.“

„And I don’t believe in this materialism, in this consumer society, in this capitalism, in this outrageous horror that happens / takes place here…. I really do believe in something, and I call it “a day will come.” And one day it will come. Well, probably it won’t come, since they’ve always destroyed it for us…. It won’t come, and I believe in it anyway. Because if I can’t believe in it anymore then I can’t write anymore either.“

„No new world without a new language.“ The Thirtieth Year: Stories

„I myself am a person who has never resigned myself, who is absolutely never resigned, who can’t imagine it at all. I simply observe, and I observe in so many people, and often very quickly, a resignation that terrifies me, that’s it.“

„speak across borders
even if borders pass through every word.“

„One could only be nice to each other for a while. That was the best one could do. Men and women should best keep at a safe distance, having nothing to do with each other until both had found their way out of their misunderstanding, their confusion or the disruption of all relationships. One day, something else might come. But only then. Something strong. Something mysterious. Something greater to which everyone could submit.“

„There was only one hope she didn't and wouldn't allow herself to hold on to: that if, in almost thirty years, she hadn't found a man, not a single one, who was exclusively significant for her, who had become inevitable to her, someone who was strong and brought her the mystery she had been waiting for, not a single one who was really a man and not an eccentric, a weakling or one of the needy the world was full of - then the man simply didn't exist, and as long as this New Man did not exist, one could only be friendly and kind to one another, for a while. There was nothing more to make of it, and it would be best if women and men kept their distance and had nothing to do with each other until both had found their way out of the tangle and confusion, the discrepancy inherent in all relationships.“ Simultan: Erzählungen

„If I had not immersed myself in books, in stories and legends, in newspapers, in reports, if everything communicable had not grown up in me, I should have been a nonentity, a collection of uncomprehended events. (And that might have been a good thing, then I should have thought of something new.) That I can see, that I can hear, are things I do not deserve; but my feelings, those I truly deserve, these herons over white beaches, these wanderers by night, the hungry vagabonds that take my heart as their highroad. I wish I could call out to all those who believe in their unique brains and the hard currency of their thoughts: be of good faith! But these coins which you clink together have been withdrawn from circulation, only you don't know it yet.... Admit that when you really pay, with your lives, you do so only beyond the barrier, when you have said farewell to everything that is so dear to you--to landing-places, flying-bases, and only from there do you embark on your own path and your journey from imagined stop to imagined stop, travellers who must not be concerned with arriving.“ The Thirtieth Year: Stories

„kimi zaman bana neden içinde her şeyin iyi olacağı ütopik bir ülkeyi, bir ütopya niteliğinde bir dünyayı tasarladığımı sordular. yaşadığımız günlük yaşamın iğrençliği göz önünde tutulduğunda, bu soruyu yanıtlamak bir çelişkiye yol açabilir, çünkü bizler, günümüzde gerçekte hiçbir şeye sahip değiliz. insan, ancak maddi şeylerin ötesinde bir şeylere sahipse zengindir. ve ben bu materyalizme, bu tüketim toplumuna, bu kapitalizme, burada cereyan eden bu korkunçluğa, sırtımızdan yaşamaya hakları olmayan bu insanların zenginleşmesine inanmıyorum. gerçekte inandığım bir şey var, ve ben buna 'bir gün gelecek' diyorum. ve özlemini çektiğim şey, bir gün gelecek. evet, belki de gelmeyecek, ama ben yine de inanıyorum geleceğine. çünkü eğer inanmazsam, artık yazamam.“

„I can no longer see a path in any path.“ The Thirtieth Year: Stories

„I am a dead man who wanders
registered nowhere“
Darkness Spoken: The Collected Poems of Ingeborg Bachmann

„Aldırmıyorum, gelişigüzel, ya, öyle mi, diyorum, çünkü birbirimize söylediğimiz sayılı şeylerle, ona gerçekten söylemek istediğim arasında bir hava boşluğu var; istediğim ona her şeyi söylemek, ama tek yaptığım burada oturmak...“ Malina

„The children are in love but do not know with what. They talk in gibberish, muse themselves into an indefinable pallor, and when they are completely at a loss they invent a language that maddens them. My fish. My hook. My fox. My snare. My fire. You my water. You my current. My earth. You my if. And you my but. Either. Or. My everything... my everything... They push one another, go for each other with their fists and scuffle over a counter-word that doesn't exist.“ The Thirtieth Year: Stories

„... the simple task of getting dressed and undressed was a real strain, but nothing could compare with her addiction to deep sleep...“ Simultan: Erzählungen

„He would like to burrow under the earth like a bulb, like a root, to where it is still warm. To hibernate with his thoughts and feelings. To remain silent with a shrivelling mouth. He wishes that all the statements, insults, promises he has uttered would become invalid, forgotten by everyone and he himself forgotten too.

But no sooner is he secured in the silence, no sooner does he fancy that he has wrapped himself up like a chrysalis, than he is no longer right. A wet, cold wind blows his absence of expectations around the corner, over a flower-stall filled with evergreens and flowers for the dead. And suddenly he is holding in his hands the snowdrops that he didn't want to buy--he who wanted to go empty-handed! The bells of the snowdrops begin to ring wildly and soundlessly, and he goes to where his ruin awaits him. Filled with expectation as never before, with the expectation and the desire for salvation accumulated through all the years.“
The Thirtieth Year: Stories

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