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Raymond Aron

Datum narození: 14. březen 1905
Datum úmrtí: 17. říjen 1983
Další jména: Raymond-Claude-Ferdinand Aron

Raymond Aron [rémon aron], celým jménem Raymond-Claude-Ferdinand Aron byl francouzský filosof, sociolog a politolog, obhájce liberalismu. Věnoval se hlavně dějinám sociologie, filosofii dějin, kritice totalitarismu a analýze moderní společnosti.

Citáty Raymond Aron

„Mír je nemožný, válka nepravděpodobná.“ o Studené válce

„To jsou země, kde stát buduje národ a ne národ stát.“ o Latinské Americe

„The man who no longer expects miraculous changes either from a revolution or from an economic plan is not obliged to resign himself to the unjustifiable. It is because he likes individual human beings, participates in communities, and respects the truth, that he refuses to surrender his soul to an abstract ideal of humanity, a tyrannical party, and an absurd scholasticism.... If tolerance is born of doubt, let us teach everyone to doubt all the models and utopias, to challenge all the prophets of redemption and the heralds of catastrophe.

If they can abolish fanaticism, let us pray for the advent of the sceptics.“
The Opium of the Intellectuals

„Skepticism cannot be revolutionary, even though it speaks the language of revolution.“

„The intellectual... must try never to forget the arguments of the adversary, or the uncertainty of the future, or the faults of one’s own side, or the underlying fraternity of ordinary men everywhere.“ The Opium of the Intellectuals

„Freedom flourishes in temperate zones; it does not survive the burning faith of prophets and crowds.“ Thinking Politically: A Liberal In The Age Of Ideology

„In essence, France no longer existed. It existed only in the hatred of the French for one another.“

„Peace imposible, war improbable.“

„Europeans would like to escape from their history, a "great" history written in letters of blood. But others, by the hundreds of millions, are taking it up for the first time, or coming back to it.“

„El historiador es un experto, no un físico. No busca las causas de la explosión en la fuerza expansiva de los gases, sino en la cerilla del fumador“

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