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Wolfram von Eschenbach

Datum narození: 1170
Datum úmrtí: 1220

Wolfram von Eschenbach byl německý rytíř a básník, je řazen mezi největší epické básníky své doby. Věnoval se také poesii lyrické.

Citáty Wolfram von Eschenbach

„Skromný muž je ten, který nepije, nekouří a i své děti si vyžení.“

„Holohlavý, který se musí denně holit, se pokládá za zajímavější typ lidství než ženy s krásnou kadeří.“

„Fear not those who argue, but those who dodge.“

„No, Sir, his manners are such that he would not know how to ask a woman to accept his service, although his looks are of Love's color.“ Parzival

„Then the King of Arragon pushed old Utepandragun over his horse’s tail down on to the meadow – the King of Britain! – where he lay in a bed of flowers!“ Parzival

„The guest perceived his host's sorrow, for he had recounted it so clearly, and he said, "Sir, I am not wise, but if I ever win knightly fame so that I am fit to ask for love, you shall give me Liaze your daughter, the lovely maid. You have told me too much sorrow. If I can relieve it then, I will not let you bear so great a burden of it.“ Parzival

„I am told that Meljanz also had adorned himself richly for battle. His courage too was high, and he rode a handsome Castilian which Meljacanz had won from Keie when he flung him so high with his thrust that Keie was caught on the branch of a tree and hung there.“ Parzival

„Alas that he did not ask the question then! I still sorrow for him on that account. For when the sword was put into his hand, it was a sign to him that he should ask. And I pity too his sweet host whom God's displeasure does not spare and who could have been freed from it by a question.“ Parzival

„Sir, if you are otherwise discreet, you will consider that you have gone far enough. At my brother's request I am treating you no less kindly than Ampflise treated my uncle Gahmuret, without going to bed together. My kindness would in the long run outweigh hers, if anyone were to weigh us properly. And besides, Sir, I don't know who you are, and yet in such a short space of time you want to have my love.“ Parzival

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